Published Research Reports

Consumer Credit and PaymentsParcels and Last Mile Delivery

The Apex Insight report gave us information and also an understanding of the market that helped us to make the right call on an important decision.
Don Brough, Director First Response Finance Ltd

Consulting & Bespoke Research

  • Custom market analysis: focus on markets within or adjacent to our published research which covers the online retail value chain from credit and payment methods through to parcels and last mile delivery services

  • Commercial and operational due diligence for private equity and corporate buyers. We provide the quality of work associated with strategy consulting and Big 4 firms in a focused package which works for mid-market deals

  • Growth strategies: entering new markets, evaluating demand for new products and services, supporting new customer acquisition

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About Apex Insight

  • Founded in 2012 by team with background in strategy consulting and in transactions support at a Big 4 accounting firm

  • Deep experience in the online retail value chain, from consumer credit to payments, parcels services and last mile delivery

  • Have worked on over 200 private equity deals providing commercial and operational due diligence

  • Portfolio of off-the-shelf reports plus capability to produce bespoke reports to fit required scope

  • Example Apex Insight Research Clients