1,000th Deutsche Post StreetScooter e-bike

German postal operator Deutsche Post has put its 1,000th StreetScooter e-bike into service on the streets of Osnabruck this week.

StreetScooter bikes can manage speeds of up to 25km/h and are able to carry up to 50kg of cargo as well as the delivery rider. Deutsche Post is also trialling a StreetScooter e-trike for mail delivery where larger cargo space is required – these can carry up to 90kg.

Deutsche Post DHL Group already operates the largest electric vehicle fleet in Germany, with about 2,500 StreetScooter Work electric trucks and approximately 10,500 pedelecs (e-bikes and e-trikes), and the company says that the number of e-bikes in service will continue to increase in the years to come.

One of the Group’s four intermediate goals is to convert 70% of its pick-up and delivery activities to clean transport solutions such as bicycles and electric vehicles by 2025. Deutsche Post is one of the leading delivery companies in terms of low emissions vehicles. Where others (notably UPS) have ‘development units’ of a few hundred vehicles globally, Deutsche Post is attempting to reduce its global emissions without being nudged by government. This sector is a major emitter of greenhouse gases and it is good to see a giant in the sector take the lead so emphatically.  
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