11 new companies join Amazon Dash programme

11 new device makers have joined the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS) programme. This is a system where, when the customer is about to run out of a product they either press a button and it orders a new supply, or it automatically orders the product when it is about to run out in the home.

The DRS programme is part of the emerging ‘Internet of things’, and does not require any devices to be built OEM by electronics manufacturers. The Dash Button is supplied by Amazon and, for example, can be attached to a washing machine should the customer want to buy the same washing powder every time. DRS can also automatically reorder supplies such as washing powder, razor blades or nappies when its sensors detect that the refills or other items are running low.

The eleven firms joining the programme are General Electric, Samsung, August, Gmate, Oster, Obe, Petnet, CleverPet, Sutro, Thync, and Sealed Air.

Where the original idea of the Internet of Things was for electronics companies to build in buttons, the Amazon system is run by the e-commerce company rather than the manufacturer, using its payment and delivery infrastructure to ensure a captive market among its customer base.