20 companies trial Mercedes 25 tonne electric truck

Hamburg based Meyer-Logistik is one of 20 specially invited companies to trial the use of an all-electric Mercedes Benz eActros over the coming year.

Used to serve supermarkets in central Hamburg, the 25 tonne refrigerated rigid has a payload of 10 tonnes and will travel 100km daily. The vehicle’s listed top range is 200km.

Mercedes Benz has selected 20 customers in different industries to trial the model of heavy electric vehicle in its 18 tonne version or the 25 tonne version in real world operations. While specially built for testing, the vehicles are very similar to those that Mercedes plans to sell from mass production in the future.

Matthias Strehl, managing director of Meyer-Logistik said: “We think e-trucks are perfect for delivering over that last mile – for example to supermarkets. Because they are locally emission-free and very silent, which really reduces the burden on local residents.”