2nd round the world flight for DHL Global Forwarding

In response to the ever growing demand for air freight, DHL Global Forwarding has added another round-the-world flight service.

DHL Global Forwarding is deploying a second dedicated Boeing 747-400F to fly between the US, Europe and Asia.

In a statement, DHL Global Forwarding said that it was “responding to strong growth in demand for air freight, chiefly for outbound services ex Asia and on the conventional transpacific route, fueled by almost all industries”.

This particular service is going to include the US, South Korea and Germany on its route.

With a capacity of up to 100 tons per flight, the aircraft will be flying on the transpacific route from Shanghai Pudong Airport to Cincinnati, USA from where it returns to Incheon, South Korea. Afterwards it will connect Korea to Wuxi, China continuing to Frankfurt-Hahn in Germany, going back to Shanghai-Pudong Airport. With the re-routing of the first service to Wuxi Airport as well, DHL Global Forwarding will offer twice weekly departures from Wuxi, China to Frankfurt-Hahn – Germany.