3PL benefits from its clients’ business niches

UK North West fulfilment provider 3PL is keeping its warehouses in operation to meet demand from its e-commerce clients.

Wigan based 3PL is working with a reduced workforce to supply baby products, health, household, and personal care products to its clients’ customers. The company has a number of clients in the essential items sectors, and these have seen the biggest surge in demand in their histories.

Many of the company’s rivals have gone into suspension and Amazon has shut down its services to thousands of marketplace sellers on basis they are not in then essential items category.

3PL is operating with the health and safety of its staff in mind with protocols in place to minimise the risk of infection of its staff.

“As a third-party warehousing and logistics business, we are ultimately the custodians of livelihoods not only of our employees but also our customer base. We take great pride in embracing key worker status. Our business and its people have proved resilient in the past and will do so again this time around,” Ian Walker, Managing Director at 3PL, explained.

“We have big warehouses and against a backdrop of a significantly reduced workforce, our employees can work safely and in line with Government guidelines. In doing so we continue to provide continuity of service at a time when our customers need us the most. Unlike Amazon UK we haven’t applied a selective approach to who we service during this time as loyalty is a core value and our extended commitments will be remembered long after COVID-19 has passed. With a further extension to lockdown announced recently, we will again reassess the impact and adapt accordingly to ensure we continue to provide the high level of service our customers have come to expect from 3PL”.