3YOURMIND platform being used by PostNord for 3D printing

PostNord has announced it is using 3YOURMIND’s 3D printing software platform as part of its 3D printing production service.

The Nordic postal operator made a large investment in providing 3D printing services through its subsidiary PostNord Strålfors in 2017.

In a statement posted on the 3YOURMIND website last week, Ylva Ekborn, CEO of PostNord Strålfors Group, said: “At PostNord Strålfors, we aim to be our customer’s digitalization partner, and we constantly need to strive for digital developments and explore new business opportunities.”

Tomas Lundström, 3D Business Development Project Manager at PostNord Stralfors, added: “We appreciate 3YOURMIND´s agile approach and rapid development to adapt the platform to our needs and business model. 3YOURMIND´s platform enables automate pricing, order management and customer fulfillment which makes them a partner we can develop with as the 3D business is growing.”