4 million kg of flowers to be delivered by UPS

International delivery company UPS has announced it is likely to be handling an estimated 88 million flowers this Valentine’s Day.

According to a statement from UPS it says it will handle more than 8 million lbs (4 million kg) of blooms for US customers, or enough to fill 64 wide body 767 freighter jets, on a very tight deadline.

The flowers are taken direct from Latin American flower producers to customers via the Miami International Airport in two days from cutting to delivery.

“Delivery must move at the speed of ‘love at first sight’,” said Frank Diaz, global marketing manager, UPS Americas Region. “This is why we rev up our operations to move more than 514,000 boxes of flowers.”

The flowers are moved in temperature controlled trucks and aircraft. From the MIA airport they are taken to a refrigerated warehouse where they are inspected by US Customs and Border agents, before being sent to customers.