550 DPD vehicles to be electric by 2021

As part of its plans to green its fleet, DPD has announced it is to have 550 electric vehicles by 2021. This would amount to 10% of its delivery fleet.

A backbone of this fleet expansion is the all-electric Mercedes Benz eVito. 10, 3.2 tonne long wheelbase vehicles have been commissioned.

DPD has three purely electric depots in London where the roll out will begin but there are plans to get this outside of the M25 – some of the eVitos are to be deployed outside of London too.

The Mercedes-Benz eVito employs an electric motor which channels its 116 hp output to the front wheels via a single-speed automatic transmission. It can be fully recharged in six hours which gives it a range of approximately 93 miles.

“It is an exciting time. The all-electric micro-depots have exceeded our expectations and we’ll soon have eight such sites in London,” said DPD chief executive Dwain McDonald. “We’ve got plans to add over 100 more EVs to our fleet in 2019 as we begin our roll-out across the UK. We will double that in 2020, and double it again in 2021 to over 550 electric vehicles.

“Effectively, we’re already in a position to grow as fast as the manufacturers can supply the vehicles, so the more UK vehicles that are available, the faster the roll-out will be.”


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