6 more countries added to eBay GSP

Online marketplace eBay has announced that six more countries have been added to its Global Shipping Programme (GSP), accessible by UK sellers.

The new GSP countries are: South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Estonia and Latvia.

According to a notice posted on the eBay information board on Tuesday (16 August): “With GSP expansion into these new markets, sellers will find that their items are now able to be sent conveniently to millions more buyers worldwide without having to deal with the added complexity of managing the international postage and customs clearance process to these non-European countries.”

It added, “And of course sellers can count on the same benefits offered on all GSP transactions, including protection if an item is lost or damaged during international transit.”

The idea of the GSP is to simplify the shipping process and make the costs transparent for both buyer as well as seller. Using GSP eBay sellers send their sold items to a UK mailing address and then the international postage as well as customs paperwork is handled for them. eBay shows the international postage costs on the sellers’ listings and communicates those to the buyers. Additionally they explain any customs or import charges upfront. Goods are then sent on via an international tracked service from the eBay UK shipping centre to the buyer.

Cross border e-commerce runs into barriers in the form of customs as well as higher delivery rates – even across the EU. Many companies are tackling the issue in different ways, and eBay is one of those with such solutions.


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