7-Eleven trials Nuro delivery robots

US convenience store chain 7-Eleven is trialling the use of Nuro delivery robots in Mountain View, in Silicon Valley, California.

From the 1st December, users of the 7-Eleven 7NOW app will have their goods delivered by Nuro’s fleet of self-driving Toyota Priuses. Eventually they will receive their goods via the Nuro R2 delivery robots that, like Starship robots, have been purpose built for deliveries.

7-Eleven has trialled delivery robots in the past. It is currently trialling Neubility robots in Seoul, South Korea and tested Flirtey robots in Reno, Nevada in 2016.

While the convenience store chain describes the programme as a pilot, it is a commercial service with real customers in real-world conditions.

Nuro originally planned to roll out a commercial delivery service at the beginning of the year but despite having the go ahead from the Californian government, has only just begun pilots. As well as with 7-Eleven it has started operations in other states with grocery chain Kroger and with FedEx.

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