9 temporary sorting centres for Royal Mail

Ahead of the peak season rush, Royal Mail has announced plans to open nine new parcel sorting centres around the UK.

It is also recruiting 19,000 temporary staff for the period and has set up a dedicated website for people to apply for positions at those centres and other locations around the country. This is http://royalmailgroup.com/xmasjobs

The temporary sorting centres will have around 3,300 seasonal workers based at them, who will support Royal Mail’s existing permanent workforce of 120,000.

This is the sixth year in a row that the national postal operator has opened a dedicated network of temporary sorting centres around the UK, to cope with the far greater demand on its existing network as the demand from e-commerce and Christmas cards heads toward its two peaks in late November (Black Friday) and late December (Christmas Eve).

The parcel sort centres are in Bathgate in West Lothian, Rochdale, Leeds, Puntyclun in South Wales, Birmingham, Swindon, Greenford, Atherstone, and Coventry for international parcels and cards. The centres will open on a phased basis from 31 October.

The whole industry is expecting a bumper year for the 2016 peak season, despite macroeconomic signals suggesting that in the UK at least there will be a slump brought about by weakened Pound causing localised inflation and a consequent depression on consumer demand. That major delivery companies continue to invest in infrastructure is one pointer to the idea that a slump may be expected but this will only be temporary. Royal Mail is one of those investing in future parcel capacity.
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