Having been extensive users and purchasers of business information, our experience has been that there is a wide gap between low-end reports, which often over-rely on rather shaky SIC-code data and GDP-growth driven forecasts, and far more expensive subscription services which go into a lot more detail than many users require.

Our reports are intended to fill this gap. They are based on a thorough review of publicly available data, interviews with senior-level contacts in the market, in-depth analysis of the relevant market drivers and our own experience of advising companies and investors in the sectors we cover. Findings are synthesised and presented clearly and concisely with extensive use of charts and tables to illuminate points and support conclusions.

  • Our research has been used and relied upon by a wide range of parties including those working in industry, investors, banks, analysts, consultants, government, trade associations, universities and libraries.
  • Ours is not likely to be the cheapest source of information on a market or the report with the most words. Neither of those is our objective.