Absolutely opens Canary Wharf low emissions micro-hub

London’s largest B2B and B2C courier Absolutely, has announced it has opened its London East micro-hub.

The site at Canary Wharf uses environmentally sustainable cargo-bikes to deliver goods in and around the business district.

The London East micro-hub is Absolutely’s fourth such micro-hub in London. It operates two- and four-wheeled cargo bikes out of the unit, with the two wheelers having a maximum load of 150kg and the four wheelers carrying up to ’25 archive boxes’.

Absolutely is working with car park site owners to use redundant car parking space as its micro-hubs. Thanks to the reduction in private car use in London, a large number of such spaces have become available and many car park operators have spied logistics companies as potential users of these spaces.

As Absolutely expands its low carbon delivery network, the firm has committed to keeping its overall carbon emissions from growing in the process.