Accenture releases enhanced ocean cargo pricing software

Professional services company Accenture has released a new version of the Accenture Ocean Cargo Software that is designed to improve billing accuracy and consistency through a streamlined and automated pricing process for ocean cargo carriers. The new release includes a detention and demurrage (DnD) module that will help ocean cargo carriers maintain and manage DnD tariffs, negotiations and calculations.

Cargo carriers charge customers detention and demurrage fees where there are delays including late pick up or return of containers.

The new Accenture Ocean Cargo Suite will support ocean carriers by improving operational efficiencies in rate and surcharge management, quotes, tenders and contracts administration, route generation and schedule supervision. It also supports booking, vessel capacity management and documentation.

The system is designed to prevent revenue leakages and to help improve business re4sults through providing greater visibility into the utilisation of a vessel’s capacity as well as its yield carrier’s contribution. Ocean carriers can therefore improve pricing strategies and make more efficient use of assets as well as improving customer satisfaction.

The Accenture Ocean Cargo Price module will offer carriers increased flexibility and functionality in quote and tender requests, as well as the ability to manage a volume incentive programme. Using the DnD module, carriers will be able to set up charges based on regional needs and calculate the charges incurred for a shipment based on container events. It is available separately or as part of the suite as a whole and can be integrated with an ocean carrier’s existing shipment as well as equipment management systems to calculate charges for customers. This will improve billing accuracy and reduce invoice disputes.

“For ocean cargo carriers, enhanced visibility into pricing means the ability to make better decisions,” said Ganesh Vaideeswaran, managing director in Accenture’s Freight and Logistics practice.

“Our latest release is designed to provide a much deeper and transparent view for carriers, which will help them streamline their pricing process and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. We’re also very pleased that we can now offer ocean carriers our DnD module, an advanced capability that can be utilized in this key business process where high levels of revenue leakages occur.”