Addison Lee courier service reports double digit growth

London based minicab and courier company Addison Less has reported that its courier business has grown by 17% in 2015 alone. In a statement released on the 2nd March the company said that its business “has doubled in the last three years and is expected to double gain within the next two years”.

Addison Lee also said that it is increasing the number of partnerships it has with business that offer “on the day” or “within the hour” deliveries for customers. It guarantees that it can pick up and deliver goods in London in under an hour.

Catherine Faiers, Addison Lee Chief Operating Officer, said: “The so-called fastest last mile deliveries are a real growth area for us. Many customers are demanding items within the hour whether it’s from eBay or Burberry and trust us because we won’t let them down. This together with the growth in work from both corporate and consumer clients mean that we expect to double in size within two years.”

Addison Less has a fleet of over 200 motorcycles, 200 vans and 30 pushbikes that are ready to meet the need of its customers. It has over 17,000 clients including investment banks, law firms, TV, technology and fashion clients. The bulk of the company’s corporate work involves highly valuable or time sensitive items ranging from television production cameras to legal documents.

B2B courier deliveries are well established in the UK and many have bee operating for a number of years. The market is getting crowded however as more couriers are fighting for the B2C market that has led to congestion increasing on London’s roads and the London Mayor Boris Johnson recently calling on e-commerce customers to choose more traffic friendly methods of delivery!