Addison Lee launches AL Now for London SMEs

London based same-day delivery couriers Addison Lee has launched a new, two-hour delivery service called AL Now that enables smaller London businesses to deliver their goods to customers.

A number of London businesses that include antique shops, florists and bottle shops have signed up to AL Now.

Liam Griffin, CEO of Addison Lee commented: “Since the first lockdown last March, we’ve seen our courier services grow by 30% as shopping behaviour shifted online. At the same time, we have seen shoppers come to expect that their purchases will be delivered at a time and date of their choosing. We created AL Now in response this trend – offering a simple, speedy and seamless delivery solution designed to help London’s local businesses meet changing customer demands.”

While there has been a turn toward e-commerce thanks to the pandemic, Addison Lee has research suggesting that many UK online shoppers are trying to avoid major retail giants like Amazon and instead support local businesses. Almost half of those celebrating Valentine’s Day this year want to support local businesses in their local community according to a survey by Addison Lee.

The research also showed that 54% of those celebrating Valentine’s Day would be more likely to shop with local businesses if they offered a quick and local delivery service, and 34% feared the shops will be shut on the day, preventing them from shopping. The AL Now business model aims to meet those needs.

Liam Griffin, CEO of Addison Lee: “In the run up to Valentine’s Day, London’s high streets would usually be filled with shoppers seeking a special gift for a special someone. This year the streets may be empty but local London businesses still have an opportunity to capture the market by offering customers the perfect Valentine’s package delivered to their doorstep.

“It’s encouraging to see people backing local businesses by shopping with them this Valentine’s. As a company that has called London home for 45 years, we are proud to do our bit to support businesses at the heart of every London community – connecting them with their customer base and providing a special delivery experience that will set them apart from the competition.”