AddressPal launched by An Post

Irish postal operator An Post has launched AddressPal, a service that gives Irish customers greater access to the UK e-commerce market. Customers using the service will have a UK proxy address generated for them when they order online from the UK.

This will mean that they can take advantage of free, reduced or UK only shipping options and then collect their goods from the An Post retail post office network in Ireland. This gets around the expense of paying for international delivery and expands the reach of Irish online shoppers significantly.

The postal operator will ship all items from the proxy address to Eire and then customers can collect them for a fee of €3.50 from their local post office. According to An Post: “Along with DeliveryBox this is another example of An Post meeting the needs of a new generation of customers and increasing the range of services offered by Post offices’’.

Giving Irish customers access to the UK e-commerce economy should really benefit them, if only because Ireland is a relatively small country with a necessarily smaller set of options with regards shopping online. Export is very familiar to e-tailers in the UK who frequently find themselves selling to other countries.

The European Commission has recently taken an interest in intra EU, international e-commerce deliveries with a likely objective of forcing postal companies to reduce their rates for delivery outside of a home country but within the EU. The Digital Single Market is one of the ways that trade between member countries can flourish and exorbitant international delivery rates could well be seen as a barrier to trade. An Post’s move will not only benefit Ireland but may well be a way forward for parcel delivery companies to get goods to other countries at a reduced cost.


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