Agility Logistics drives efficiencies via OpenText

Global integrated logistics player Agility Logistics has announced it is using OpenText Content Services to drive efficiencies into its logistics paper trail. This includes freight and shipping by air, land and sea for its more than 60,000 customers in 100 countries.

The logistics giant works with clients to move and manage goods globally. Each shipment creates a paper trail that can take a long time to reach their destination for cargo processing. In looking to drive efficiencies into the system Agility Logistics has taken on OpenText Information Management technologies in order to provide an integrated, centralised repository for capturing, sharing and managing documents.

“Visibility into supply has been critical to helping us navigate the disruption brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. We have made investments in our technology that have helped us manage,” said Deepak Sharma, Global IT Director for Business Solutions and Support at Agility Logistics. “OpenText has helped us optimise customer service by providing a single access point for customers to view their documents, track shipping and receive invoices. Instead of having to call our customer service department to request the documents they need, customers can now instantly access critical information, saving them time and allowing us to focus on getting goods to market.”

Agility will also leverage OpenText technologies to improve the environmental sustainability of their operations. “When an organisation can track goods from origin to destination, and anything in between, they can optimise shipping to reduce carbon emissions,” said Sharma. “Our global strategy is to be consistently efficient and sustainable in our operations, and OpenText is helping us accomplish this.”