Air freight demand contraction slowed by Black Friday

November’s global air freight volumes, measured in freight tonne kilometres (FTKs) fell by 1.1% compared to 2018.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) showed that November was still the best in eight months with the slowest rate of contraction since March that year.

According to IATA, Singles Day and Black Friday contributed to the reduced air freight contraction and are now important in middle-mile logistics to that extent.

Even as demand contracted, supply grew with available FTKs (AFTKs) growing by 2.9% in November.

“Air cargo recovered slightly in November, with demand down 1.1% – a significant improvement over the 3.5% decrease in October,” said IATA director general and chief executive Alexandre de Juniac.

“However, the fourth quarter is a peak season for air cargo. So, a decline in growth is still a disappointment. Looking forward, signs of a thawing in US-China trade tensions are good news but there is still a long way to go if cargo is to achieve 2.0% growth forecast in 2020.”


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