AirBridgeCargo joins Pharma Gateway

Freight company AirBridgeCargo have announced that they are to be the second airline to join Pharma Gateway in Amsterdam. The new initiative already has fourteen members and was established in 2016. Pharma Gateway was set up to ensure that there is more transparency in the pharma air cargo supply chain. One of the upshots of the organisation’s founding is that there have been major improvements in the pharma air cargo supply chain sector.

AirBridgeCargo runs 22 flights a week from Amsterdam around the world, including destinations in Europe, Asia, Russia and the US.

Members of Pharma Gateway are able to indulge in knowledge sharing mostly organised by Schiphol Cargo, which aims to promote cooperation between all businesses in the air cargo supply chain sector. Pharma Gateway welcomed its newest member, joining other major firms such as Cyberfreight Pharma Logistics, VCK Logistics Airfreight and Swissport Cargo Services.

The cargo community that is based in Amsterdam have expressed the intentions to create and develop a system that will allow for the more transparent cool chain for the pharma Industry. It is thought that this work will also help improve the quality of services offered at Schiphol Airport. Schiphol is the third largest cargo hub in Europe with a throughput of around 1.7 million tonnes of cargo in 2016.  
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