Ali Express showroom opens in Madrid

Leading Chinese online shopping platform Ali Express has opened its first European bricks-and-mortar store in Madrid. Though people physically visit it they must still order online.

The new, 740 square metre shop is in the Madrid Xanadú shopping mall, which is one of the biggest shopping malls in Europe. It has five different zones that show off around 1,000 products from 60 brands. The shop opened last week, and allows customers to see, feel and try the products on sale firsthand. Even so they can’t go to a checkout and collect the goods – they must still order online.

One of the main reasons for the Amazon rival choosing Madrid is that Spain is its biggest European market. It ranks 4th after China, the US and Russia in terms of global sales from Ali Express.

“Spain is an important country for the group, where the largest number of customers in both volume and value is now concentrated”, Rubén Bautista, operations director in Spain and Portugal, says. “For the Alibaba Group, it was as strategic choice to bet on Spain, because it’s the gateway to Europe.”


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