Alibaba and NZ government in talks over a logistics hub

Alibaba and the New Zealand Government are in talks to set up a regional logistics hub.

Local media reports that the NZ Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones has met with top Alibaba officials last month to discuss the plans.

The Alibaba logistics centre would be part of the Electronic World Trade Platform (eWTP) and is to help facilitate logistics and the movement of goods.

Jones said if the project gets the green light to set up in New Zealand, it would likely be a partnership between Alibaba and NZ Post in a more regional centre, such as Palmerston North.

It now appears that senior Alibaba officials have been invited to New Zealand to explore the opportunity.

In a letter to Jones, sent not long after the meeting in Hong Kong, Alibaba senior vice president, and head of corporate finance, Michael Yao said he was keen to explore the idea of establishing an eWTP in New Zealand.

“From our side eWTP, as a global initiative spearheaded by our executive chairman Jack Ma, would present the strongest immediate opportunity for co-operation.”

Jones said: “If there is scope for growing the logistics… and fast moving items business [and] if there is anything we can do to effect a better arrangement between NZ Post, that’s incredibly important to me.”


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