Alibaba launches B2B coronavirus supplies sales platform

To help areas affected by the coronavirus outbreak in China, Alibaba Group has launched a business-to-business sourcing platform to enable stakeholders to get medical supplies.

Alibaba’s Global Direct Sourcing Platform is to match sellers of medical supplies and products with hospitals and local authorities in need of those supplies. Buyers will set out their specifications for supplies sought to include types, models and quantities.

In order to expedite the logistics, a Green Channel has been set up by Alibaba’s Cainiao Smart Logistics Network with its partners to handle shipping, handling, customs clearance and delivery.

Alibaba published an open letter to suppliers around the world that said: “The battle against the virus is at a crucial stage. Our goal is to connect the global supply chain with those in need of supplies in a more expedited and efficient way. With your trust and effort, together, we will overcome this crisis.

“This is our pledge: No matter where your goods are, we will deliver them to frontline medical personnel in the fastest and safest ways.”

As of February 3, Alibaba had delivered medical supplies from 15 countries to 18 hospitals in Hubei, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces.