Allegro launches environmentally friendly parcel lockers

Poland’s largest parcel locker operator Allegro has announced it is installing its first environmentally friendly parcel lockers in Poznan, Poland. Customers will be able to use them from autumn on.

“Our parcel lockers will be powered by renewable energy sources and provided with air quality sensors, and we’re going to publicly share our metrics,” said Marta Mikliszańska, head of public affairs and sustainability at Allegro. “Noise and visual pollution are also our key considerations. Wherever possible, the front side of the machine will be covered with 10 square metre  plant walls. We’ll also work with local governments to select locations where we’ll invest in green walls on buildings. This year alone, we’ll create about 21,00 square metres  of green space.”

Allegro’s network of 31,000 parcel lockers amount to the largest such network in the country. With strong growth in demand for its services, the company is launching Allegro Punkty pick-up points at some 600 Kolporter stores. Ahead of the 2021 peak season it will launch Allegro Fulfilment that will allow merchants to ship products to customers from its Warsaw warehouse..

“We went ahead with our previously announced plan to build a network of own Allegro pick-up points and parcel lockers. We’ve already ‘planted’ the first machines in Poznań and Warsaw, with more to be set up in the next few days in Łódź, Toruń and Wrocław. Allegro parcel lockers will be added to delivery methods on our platform once the necessary density is reached in those cities, which is expected this autumn. According to our schedule, we will have launched 1,500 automated lockers by December and plan for much more ahead,” said Grzegorz Czapski, business development officer at Allegro.

“In addition to such standard aspects as the location safety and proximity to customers, we have taken into account environmental considerations, how the equipment integrates into the surroundings, and made sure these can be easily used by people with disabilities.”