Alphabet hosts logistics conference

CNBC reports that Google owners Alphabet had a closed door meeting between executives, retailers and other logistics companies to discuss potential investments and strategies in logistics.

The Alphabet Advanced Logistics Summit was held in Silicon Valley last week. Hosten by the Alphabet research & development unit ‘X’ and infrastructure company Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners, the aim was to explore potential future business models and investment opportunities is the e-commerce space with regard logistics and fulfilment.

“We frequently bring together stakeholders from across various industries to exchange ideas and brainstorm ways that technology can deliver innovative solutions in areas like logistics,” a company spokesperson told CNBC in an emailed response.

Alphabet had several teams present but other stakeholders included FedEx,, Flexe and Deily.

The discussions are focused on how Alphabet is to compete in retail with online giants Alibaba and Amazon that already have secure footholds in the sector. The company invested some $550 million in, China’s second biggest online shopping platform, in March.


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