Amazon aims at net zero carbon emissions

Amazon has committed to have net zero carbon emissions by 2040 as part of its signing the Climate Pledge.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and chief executive, said: “If a company with as much physical infrastructure as Amazon—which delivers more than 10 billion items a year—can meet the Paris Agreement 10 years early, then any company can. I’ve been talking with other CEOs of global companies, and I’m finding a lot of interest in joining the pledge.

“Large companies signing The Climate Pledge will send an important signal to the market that it’s time to invest in the products and services the signatories will need to meet their commitments,” he added.

Going against the grain of the US government, Amazon is implementing decarbonisation strategies in line with the Paris Agreement. It describes these moves as “real business changes and innovations”, including efficiency improvements, renewable energy, materials reductions, and other carbon emission elimination strategies.

As part of this the online giant has ordered 100,000 battery electric vans from US EV maker Rivian for its global fleet. 10,000 of those will be on the road within two years and the rest within ten. According to Amazon this should save 4 million tonnes of carbon per year by 2030.

In addition, Amazon has already installed more than 50 solar arrays on fulfilment and sorting centre rooftops around the world. They have 98MW of renewable energy capacity annually.


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