Amazon Air adds 15 jets to fleet

Amazon Air is working with GE Capital Aviation to lease 15 additional Boeing 737-800 cargo aircraft.

Amazon already leases five Boeing 737-800s from the finance company. All 20 are to fly in US airspace between more than 20 air gateways on the Amazon Air network.

“These new aircraft create additional capacity for Amazon Air, building on the investment in our Prime Free One-Day program,” said Dave Clark, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations at Amazon. “By 2021, Amazon Air will have a portfolio of 70 aircraft flying in our dedicated air network.”

“We’re delighted to support Amazon Air’s dedicated air network,” said Richard Greener, GECAS Cargo’s Senior Vice President. “The capability of the 737-800 freighter will further Amazon’s ability to provide reliable and regional delivery to its customers for years to come.”

This comes after FedEx announced it would drop Amazon as an air express client last week.

Amazon Air has been operating since 2016, and has the capacity to move hundreds of thousands of packages per day.


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