Amazon announces Shipment Zero

Amazon has announced plans to make 50% of its shipments net zero carbon by 2030 in a programme called Shipment Zero. This follows DHL’s target to be net zero carbon by 2050, and other delivery companies that have made similar commitments.

In a blog on its website Amazon stated, “With improvements in electric vehicles, aviation bio fuels, reusable packaging, and renewable energy, for the first time we can now see a path to net zero carbon delivery of shipments to customers.”

The online giant is to use feedback from customers and to demand its suppliers go to low and carbon negative transport systems as part of this drive. The blog referred to its moves in Ship in Own Container and Frustration Free Packaging as examples of how it had done this before.

The Amazon blog continued, “To track our progress on this journey and as part of an overall commitment to sharing our sustainability goals, we plan to share Amazon’s company-wide carbon footprint, along with related goals and programs, later this year. This follows an extensive project over the past two years to develop an advanced scientific model to carefully map our carbon footprint to provide our business teams with detailed information helping them identify ways to reduce carbon use in their businesses. Customers are always going to want more selection, faster delivery speed, and lower costs.”

Amazon believes that lowing environmental costs can work hands in hand with lowering economic costs and in driving more cost efficiencies into its supply chain, so it can drive environmental sustainability into the system too.


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