Amazon Go London?

Could Amazon be about to set up a ‘Go’ store in London? After the Sunday Times report this weekend that it was looking for suitable sites in London there has been signs of panic in the already crowded grocery industry. Amazon registered the trademark in the UK in December signalling some interest in doing this.

Piloted in Seattle where Amazon are based, the Amazon Go store is a scheme where shoppers can walk in and pick up their produce and walk out without paying at a checkout only for their cards to be automatically billed.

The shop in Seattle is only open to Amazon staff but is rumoured to be ready to be opened to the general public.

In the UK, there is fierce competition in the grocery sector with the ‘discounters’ making headway into the ‘Big 5’s’ territory as well as various online innovations giving various competitors that extra edge. The idea of a supermarket with only shelf stackers, cleaners and management as staff could give Amazon that competitive edge that has so far only been hinted at through the automatic tills that some people use at various supermarkets around the UK.

When an Amazon rumour surfaces it gets a lot of interest. As journalists do their research and find evidence showing such rumours have legs, so we find out more. As previously discussed on the Apex Insight pages, Amazon only ever say anything when it is time to open the store / air cargo hub / fulfilment centre. As rumours go this has some legs but are they just smoke on the horizon or has this legs? Only time will tell… 
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