Amazon HGV driver training most popular in-house training programme

In a company blog, Amazon UK has announced that HGV driver training has become the most popular choice on its in-house Career Choice programme. This is partly in response to the HGV driver recruitment crisis both inside and outside of the e-commerce and logistics giant.

According to the online giant, more than 400 of its staff from its network of fulfilment, sorting and delivery units have signed up for HGV driver training. They are able to go follow their careers both within the company or leave if they choose.

The Amazon Career Choice programme offers pre-pay of 95% of tuition and associated feed of nationally recognised courses up to a total of £8,000 over four years. The firm announced it was investing £10 million over the next three years to up-skill up to 5,000 of its staff to meet the UK’s future employment needs outside of the firm. According to the blog, it is also working with the “British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) and local businesses and local businesses on the programme to identify regional skills shortages and focus training on local demand.”

Amazon’s Vice President of UK Operations, Jonathan Gal, said: “We’re delighted to be able to support more than 400 of our employees to achieve their ambition to become HGV drivers through our Career Choice programme and play a part in helping to boost the haulage industry.”

He added: “We’re proud of the front-line roles we offer across Amazon, and we also know that they will be a stepping stone for some in their career journey. For people whose ambitions fall outside of our company, we are pleased to support them by paying for training and academic courses that can support their ambitions.”

Jane Gratton, Head of People Policy at the British Chambers of Commerce said: “To tackle skills shortages and improve business productivity we need to ramp-up investment in the training and reskilling of the workforce. Business has a major part to play in supporting people to gain new skills and it’s great to see how Amazon’s initiative is helping to launch new careers and boost resilience in local supply chains.”

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