Amazon offers $30,000 grant to DSPs

Amazon is offering a US $30,000 grant to its Delivery Service Partner (DSP) operators to become business owners.

Amazon DSPs are put on a training course during which they put together a business plan to present Amazon with. They are then given $30,000 to become owner-operators, covering start-up costs and living expenses while they establish their delivery businesses.

The training programme includes facilitator-led classes, customised online learning modules as well as mentor development sessions with current DSP owners. The idea behind the course is to teach them the critical functions of operating a DSP and fostering the business acumen required to lead a company.

Amazon’s DSP was launched in 2018 and forms the backbone of the online giant’s logistics network. The system shares Amazon’s operations and logistics knowledge with aspiring entrepreneurs.

In a blog, Amazon says, “We’re committed to providing these talented associates in our DSPs with new opportunities, industry-leading training, tools, and technology to help them propel their careers and achieve long-term success.”

“Access to quality training, supportive mentors, and comprehensive career preparation are critical to long-term success and lay the groundwork for the next generation of leaders,” said Udit Madan, vice president of Amazon Last Mile Delivery. “The Road to Ownership program is providing a pathway for these talented individuals to further advance their careers and follow their dreams to start their own businesses.”

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