Amazon parcel locker network?

Trialled in the US and proving very successful, it seems that Amazon is to launch a parcel locker network in Europe. It has quietly been launched in the UK and is said to save the company money on missed deliveries where the customer is not at home.

The parcel locker network is set to be opened up in France to begin with through the company’s subsidiary Colis Prive. Amazon is recruiting for roles in managing these lockers in Germany, with Munich apparently one of the cities of the next phase of the online giant’s plans to tackle missed deliveries. According to newswire Reuters, Amazon said in a job ad, “Amazon pickup locations, including Amazon Locker, are exciting, new delivery solutions that we are introducing into the German marketplace.”

As usual when approached, Amazon’s press team remained tight lipped on the subject, only hinting that the company is working on new innovations.

As shown in a previous story by Apex Insight today, Amazon watchers are pointing at its emerging logistics and delivery networks around the world and are suggesting that it is intent on replacing its outsourced deliveries with in house operations.

There are major scalps to be had in the coming months and years with the likes of Royal Mail and the United Parcel Service (UPS) heavily reliant on the online giant’s success. With its apparent plans to allow non FBA customers to use its delivery networks, there is a significant chance that Amazon will not only be withdrawing deliveries but actively competing with those businesses that helped it get to where it is today. Business isn’t always about being nice, and with the way it is thanking its former delivery friends by threatening them at the very business they do, it can very brutal as well…