Amazon Prime: 5bn items shipped in 2017

Amazon has announced that across all its national Prime programmes, more than five billion items were shipped through the service in 2017. The Prime services include same-day, two day and next day shipping.

According to Amazon Prime’s VP Greg Greely also claimed that more people joined the Prime offering around the world than ever before. Amazon Prime is now available in 16 countries.

The Amazon statement continued, ”In 2017, the Amazon fulfillment and shipping network increased by more than 30% in square footage worldwide. In the U.S. alone, more than 6,000 trailers and 32 Amazon Air planes were in place to serve Prime members during the year.”

The Prime model, where subscribers pay an annual or monthly fee for ‘free deliveries’ is a proven success insofar as people seem to take the attitude that they are paying for the service already so may as well use it. Other companies around the world are piloting similar programmes which seem to improve customer loyalty and regularity of buying more than giving ‘cashback’ or loyalty points for purchases made.