Amazon Prime Day 12 July

Online giant Amazon has announced its second annual Prime Day will be on the 12th July. In addition to the “blockbuster deals” on the day, the company will run “countdown deals” for Prime members commencing on the 5th July and running to the 11th July.

According to the company website, “Prime Day is a one-day only global shopping event exclusively for Prime members. On Tuesday, 12th July, the second annual Prime Day will be the biggest global Amazon event ever. Members in the U.K. can shop starting at midnight (BST) with new deals starting as often as every five minutes from 8am onwards.”

Being run by Amazon and not a general spike across the industry, the company expects a massive rush on orders. The company’s pitch continued, “With more than 100,000 deals worldwide, including thousands in the U.K. alone exclusively for Prime members, across nearly all departments and product categories in ten countries, there will be something for everyone. In fact on the first annual Prime Day in 2015, worldwide members ordered 398 items per second, exceeding Black Friday records at the time.”

This will cause ripples across the e-commerce delivery market of course. Where Amazon hasn’t the capacity to deliver its goods it pushes out deliveries to other companies, who may well see a large spike in demand. The run-up to the event may calm the rush somewhat however.

TVs seem to be something Amazon will push very hard this year. According to a statement from Amazon, “The deal inventory of TVs in the U.S. will be nearly 2x than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.”