Amazon reveals first custom electric van

Amazon has released the details of its new custom delivery electric vehicle that it has designed and built with EV manufacturer Rivian.

The vehicle is part of the online giant’s signing the Climate Pledge in 2019, where it has promised 10,000 of its zero-tailpipe-emissions delivery vans are to be on the road by 2022 and 100,000 in ten years time.

Amongst other features the van has state-of-the-art sensors that include highway and traffic assist technology and exterior cameras around the vehicle to give the driver a 360 degree view around the vehicle.

The van also has a number of features for improving comfort and ergonomics in delivery. It has three levels of shelving in the payload bay and a bulkhead door to the cabin that can be shut while driving.

Ross Rachey, director of Amazon’s Global Fleet and Products, said, “We are working to advance and implement the technology that will support these vans – ranging from the physical charging infrastructure to enhancements and optimization of our delivery stations.

“We hope our custom electric vehicle helps create a sense of urgency in the industry to think big about embracing sustainable technology and solutions – whether you’re a package delivery company, a logistics company, an ice cream manufacturer, or almost anyone else with vehicles on the road,” added Rachey.