Amazon rolls out in-garage delivery in San Francisco

In launching its in-garage delivery option in San Francisco, Amazon is offering a $40 incentive to customers to try it for the first time.

The option stems from an attempt to reduce carbon emissions from missed deliveries. Customers with a compatible myQ Smart Garage Hub will be eligible for the promotion that allows one-time access to their garage by Amazon delivery drivers.

Amazon has been experimenting with smart locks for a while including locks to people’s homes’ front doors. It appears that the online giant has taken the step toward garages as customers may feel a bit less queasy about giving delivery drivers access to their main homes with the presumed risk that the drivers may take as well as drop off in the home.

The online giant has also played with in-boot delivery for people’s cars parked on the street. As with in-door delivery it is not known just how successful said trials were. One thing is apparent – only those people who have keyless entry to their homes and garages will be able to have this offer – and smart locks haven’t taken off in a big way beyond cars in recent years.