Amazon Scout delivery robot field tested

Amazon is field testing its ground based delivery robot, the Amazon Scout, in Snohomish County New York.

While the online retail giant can be a bit coy about talking of field tests and pilots, it has made the announcement on its blog.

Amazon Vice President Sean Scott wrote, “We developed Amazon Scout at our research and development lab in Seattle, ensuring the devices can safely and efficiently navigate around pets, pedestrians and anything else in their path”.

Initially six Scouts are to be used delivering parcels around Snohomish County, and they will be accompanied by an Amazon employee until the system can demonstrate its safety on the roads and pavements.

Scott continued, “We are happy to welcome Amazon Scout to our growing suite of innovative delivery solutions for customers and look forward to taking the learnings from this first neighbourhood so Amazon Scout can, over time, provide even more sustainability and convenience to customer deliveries.”

He quoted the county’s Chief Executive Dave Somers who said: “We are delighted to welcome Amazon Scout into our community. Similar to Amazon, we are always looking for new ways to better deliver service to our residents. From the latest Amazon innovation to cutting edge technology, Snohomish County is a great place for entrepreneurial creativity.”

Amazon has been heavily touting its airborne delivery drones in its ads. The fact is we are more likely to see an Amazon Scout trundle up to our doorways in future than to have a drone land in our back garden. The Scout will be far more energy efficient and there are fewer regulatory and safety hurdles to surmount in rolling them out.


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