Amazon tackles waste

According to Amazon its ‘frustration free packaging’ has reduced the amount of waste packaging by 181,000 tons since it was first introduced 10 years ago.

The 100% recyclable packaging is designed to reduce waste and to be easily opened. According to Amazon it has ended “customer ‘wrap rage’ by removing plastic bindings, wire ties, and clamshell casings – making boxes simple to open.” Being recyclable it is better for the environment as products are shipped in their original packaging, eliminating the need for an additional box to deliver it in.

Some Amazon customers have reported otherwise: they have seen excessive packaging. Reports routinely come out of tiny items in huge boxes stuffed with packing paper.

“A decade ago we set out to invent packaging that is easy for customers to open, eliminates waste, and ensures products arrive undamaged on our customers’ doorsteps,” said Kim Houchens, director of customer packaging experience at Amazon. “Our certified packaging programs, including Frustration-Free Packaging, have delighted tens of millions of customers around the globe – and we’re adding new products to these programs every day.”

Amazon said that one of the biggest challenges in e-commerce packaging is “designing it to be as compact as possible while ensuring that products arrive fully intact.”

The online retailing and logistics firm said it works with “manufacturers worldwide, helping them re-think and re-build their packaging, reducing waste throughout the supply chain while ensuring products are delivered to the customer undamaged.”
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