Amazon takes delivery of IVECO CNG powered trucks

Truck manufacturers IVECO Group have announced that Amazon has ordered 1,064 compressed natural gas (CNG) powered lorries for its European operations.

Some 216 IVECO S-WAY CNG trucks have been delivered to the online giant, and the first of the next 848 units will begin being delivered in the middle of 2022.

According to the truck manufacturer, they are powered with an FPT Industrial Cursor 13 natural gas engine which have 1052 litre CNG tanks (the largest available for this truck type). Range is approximately 385 miles per tank.

Gerrit Marx, designated Chief Executive Officer of Iveco Group, said: “We have been pioneering gas propulsion technology for 25 years, developing solutions that allow operators to make significant reductions in emissions right now. Collaboration with global leaders like Amazon is a testament to the robust capability of our innovative products and our unyielding commitment to the industry objective of decarbonising transport by 2050. Iveco Group will continue leading the way  in  combustion  engines  running  on renewable  fuels,  the  only viable  solution  already available at scale on the market to reduce emissions. Let’s not forget that a CNG truck powered by bio-methane can cut CO2 emissions by up to 95% from a well-to-wheel CO2 measuring approach, effectively contributing to the decarbonisation process.”