Amazon takes on 150,000 US seasonal workers

Amazon’s US operation is to take on 150,000 seasonal workers for the coming peak Christmas peak retailing season – 50,000 more than it did last year.

These workers are on top of the 125,000 permanent staff that the online giant said it wanted to hire in September. In addition it is adding 40,000 new tech and corporate staff.

The hoped for hires come in the face of a shrinking workforce, with US media outlets claiming that after the pandemic, that 4.3 million fewer US residents are available to work. This is because during the pandemic more people realised the value of family time and are willing to take a hit to their incomes to spend time with their children.

Amazon is planning to incentivise people to start working with it with an average starting wage of $18 an hour and sign-on bonuses for seasonal workers.

The hiring spree isn’t evenly spread across the US. Most of the seasonal positions will be in 20 states with 23,000 new hires expected in California alone.

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