Amazon to buy out remaining 75% stake of Colis Prive

Amazon is about to buy the final 75% of the French parcel delivery company Colis Prive. Earlier this year the online shopping giant bought a 25% stake in the delivery company but on Friday announced it had gone the final mile.

The takeover comes as Amazon seeks to have its own last mile delivery service in France, as it already does in the US, China and the UK. Colis Prive has the infrastructure to reach all over France, and this gives Amazon the opportunity to consolidate its grip on the French market. It currently delivers 25 million parcels nationwide for a dozen technology clients.

The company has announced meanwhile that though it will have a national delivery service of its own in France, this should not impact the business it does with other parcel delivery companies it already has contracts with, including DHL, La Poste and UPS, as the business plan expects demand for deliveries to be too great for Colis Prive to handle.

Amazon has been developing its international Amazon Logistics brand for some time and this enables the company to reduce costs by bringing its delivery business in France, in house.