Amazon to open technology centre in Minneapolis

Amazon has announced that it is to open a new high technology development centre in Minneapolis. The new centre will create around 100 full time, technology focused jobs.

Dave Glick, vice president of operations technology for Amazon said, “The commitment to education, growth of the local high-tech industry, and caliber of technical talent in Minneapolis make it an ideal place for our expansion. We’re excited to create new technology jobs in Minneapolis and look forward to growing our operations technology team to help us develop cutting-edge software applications that fuel Amazon’s rapidly growing operations, fulfillment and delivery capabilities.”

Amazon is known to be interested in reducing its reliance on people in its fulfilment centres and last mile delivery areas of its business. Where this has caused problems for other businesses such as Google, which divested a company after scare stories of robots replacing people in the workplace, Amazon isn’t so nervous of such negative publicity.

Advances in technology will reduce the online giant’s bottom line and with so many areas of the parcel delivery and logistics chain facing the squeeze due to competition and over capacity in the supply chain, it is natural that Amazon is looking to cut costs in these areas.

Amazon is the market leader in the western e-commerce market and where it leads, others will follow.