Amazon to operate a City of London micro-hub

Amazon has been given permission to lease 39 car parking spaces in central London to be used as micro-hubs for its deliveries. The e-cargo bikes using the hubs will replace 85 vans from driving in the Square Mile and nearby.

The City of London Department of the Built Environment recommended the lease to the Planning and Transport Committee. This is in line with the Corporation’s 25 year Transport Strategy that the Corporation says “provides a strong mandate to deliver a radical freight programme.”

The Amazon micro-hub is to be in the London Wall Car Park in the south west corner of the Barbican Estate. The report says “Last mile logistics hubs facilitate deliveries by cargo cycles and pedestrian porters, removing large numbers of delivery vehicles from City streets.

“A review of parking data indicates that changing the use of these 39 spaces will leave an average of 9 free spaces in London Wall Car Park at peak use each day.

“On occasions where the car park is full, there is significant spare capacity in the immediate area at both Smithfield and NCP Aldersgate to support the small number of displaced vehicles.

“From the hub, the operator would deliver parcels to customers using pedestrian porters and cargo cycles. The hub would allow the operator to complete all deliveries within a 2km radius without the need for motorised freight vehicles.”

“The hub would take up to 85 vehicles off the roads each day, which is the equivalent of up to 23,000 vehicle journeys taken off the roads of central London each year [and] “would generate income from a presently underutilised asset,” the report adds.

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