Amazon to slash yard marshals’ pay

Amazon is set to slash its delivery station warehouse yard marshals’ pay by 23% in attempt to bring its pay structure in line with the rest of its European network.

Yard marshals manage vehicle movements in Amazon delivery stations and warehouses. Pay is currently around £13 an hour and is set to be dropped to £10 an hour from October.

The pay cut is being introduced at delivery stations from where last mile deliveries are sent. The cut has already taken place at its UK fulfilment centres.

Amazon’s UK workforce is largely non-unionised though this is changing somewhat. It is unlikely that industrial action will result. There are around 200 such roles in the UK.

Those facing the pay cut have been offered other options including supervisory roles (though there are fewer such job openings than there are yard marshals) and other higher paid roles at Amazon where such are available.

A large number of temporary staff are affected too. Amazon has said that they too will be offered other jobs including full contracts with the online giant.

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