Amazon to slow down Delivery Service Partner recruitment

Due to the global slowdown of e-commerce, Amazon is to slow down the growth of its Delivery Service Partners programme this year. Thanks to business coming off what now appears to be a spike in demand through the pandemic, the online giant has excess capacity throughout its fulfilment, delivery and warehousing network.

Last year, Amazon took on 670 Delivery Service Partners in the US, but figures now suggest it plans to slow this by 33% to just 451 new additions in 2022. During the pandemic in 2020, it added over 1,400, and in the first 18 months to 2019, 1,114.

Last month the online giant’s CFO Brian Olsavsky admitted that expecting the boom to continue, it expanded too fast and too much, adding warehousing and hiring people beyond what it would eventually need.

At the same time as scaling down the programme, there are plans to improve the quality of service provided by its partners with several new initiatives planned this year.

“With less demand on candidate volume, the team pivoted the strategy to improving candidate quality,” one of the planning documents for this year said, seen by a major US media outlet.

Asked for a response by Business Insider, Amazon declined to comment on the matter.

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