Amazon workers strike in Germany

Amazon workers at several warehouses in Germany have gone on strike, according to trades union Verdi.

The strike, over pay and conditions, is the latest in a series of industrial actions taken by the union against Amazon over the last nine years. Verdi states that the strike is to achieve parity of pay and conditions with the broader retail community its members work into across Germany.

The strike action at three Amazon warehouses in Saxony and Hesse began on Monday this week and coincided with regional bank holidays for All Saints Day. Workers at four other locations were to go on strike today (2nd November) for between 24 hours and three days according to local unions’ ballots.

“It is unacceptable that a multinational corporation worth billions and (which) makes money hand over fist still refuses to give employees the wage increases that other companies in the industry pay,” Verdi representative Orhan Akman said in a statement.

Amazon says that entry level pay is higher than the German national minimum wage at €12 an hour, rising to €12.50 an hour from July 2022 (the legal minimum is €9.60). Should the expected centre-left federal coalition come into power, the minimum wage is set to increase to €12 an hour. It also claims that the strikes have had no overall impact on its operations.