AmazonFresh Pickup to open

A new Amazon drive in, click and collect grocery collection service called AmazonFresh Pickup is now due to open in Seattle.

Amazon Prime customers will be able to use the service. Prime customers will order online from the AmazonFresh selection, choose a time slot and then drive to the AmazonFresh Pickup location to collect their groceries.

Apex Insight reported last week how rumours had emerged of the two sites being prepared in Seattle. It appears that the rumours are indeed true and the online giant is about to take on the major grocery chains in its own unique style.

For industry watchers, it may be of some comfort that while Amazon tests many concepts in its hometown, not all rush out to take on the world in a hurry. The Amazon checkout free store in Seattle, open only to its employees, has yet to be rolled out anywhere else in the world even as the major retailers quake in their boots about competing with an almost employee free rival store. These trials are field testing the concepts that the brains in the company come out with and while a potential threat, we will have to look at the innovations it is testing before suggesting anyone starts panicking. Until those innovations become apparent, and they have enough legs to be rolled out outside Seattle, it is an interesting development only…

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