An Post hit by inbound cross border parcel delays

Irish An Post has seen delays in inbound cross border parcel delivery thanks to EU customs issues surrounding Brexit.

In July the EU introduced new rules requiring additional electronic documentation on goods entering the bloc, to include parcels coming in to Ireland from the UK. Some parcels have been delayed by up to two weeks or have simply not been delivered at all.

These delays have led to a surge of complaints from customers on social media.

An Post has refused to comment on the extent of the problem or how long it is set to take to clear it. Nor has the postal operator come back to media outlets to say how many parcels have been returned to sender for not having the correct paperwork.

The postal operator did say that smaller and specialist British retailers exporting to Ireland have been impacted thanks to their not being aware of the new customs rules.

“This is giving rise to customs delays when these parcels arrive in Ireland and/or the items having to be returned to sender because the necessary electronic data is missing or incomplete, or the contents are restricted or prohibited.”. The spokeswoman said there were no such issues shopping online in Ireland, from other EU countries or with major retailers in Britain.