An Post – major problems in timely postal delivery

The Irish Commission for Communication Regulation (ComReg) has said that Ireland’s postal operator An Post managed to deliver 91% of single piece priority mail on the next working day following the day they had been posted.

This is exactly the same success rate as 2015 and falls 3% short of the 94% standard set by the regulator.

In addition the regulator found that An Post delivered 99.1% of single piece priority mail within three working days of posting. This is again the same as in 2015 and below the standard set of 99.5%.

The regulator noted that An Post’s performance dipped significantly at the end of the year, during the busy Christmas season. ComReg commented: “In the 11-month period January to November 2016, An Post delivered 92% of single piece priority mail on the next working day though next-day delivery performance fell to 77% in December 2016, a notable deterioration.”

An Post’s performance was also below the required standard on “postal packets”, which currently the growth area in postal service. The operator delivered 88% of postal packets on the next working day, which is 6% below the standard.

Considering mail volumes are measured in the millions, 91% success amounts to a vast number of priority mail letters that arrive late. It seems that even with falling letter volumes, An Post has a way to catch up with its fellow European postal service operators.  
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